Why Your Offline Visitors

Make The Ideal Targeted Leads?

If you have an offline retail shop or store then in most cases over 90% of visitors to your store are looking for products or services that you may be offering.

The purpose of their visit to your store could be;-

  • product research: gathering information about product range, features and availabilty
  • price comparison for the product they want to buy
  • see and touch the product they are interested in
  • see what’s available
  • see what’s on special
  • get ideas of what to buy as a gift
  • browsing
  • get an idea of how much the products are for future purchase
  • purchase a product
  • recommended by a friend
  • waste time
  • walked into the wrong store (very small number)

It is clear then with the exception of the last point above that visitors to your store are highly targeted (your target market/audience).

Although in most cases a large number of visitors will leave your store without making any purchase, these are highly targeted prospects that you should captivate.

So many retail shops and stores spend thousands even hundreds of thousands on advertising and marketing trying to get people into their store yet they place no focus on retaining these highly targeted prospects or converting these visitors into sales.

If this sounds like your business, it is time you start to capture your visitors details and turn these prospects into paying customers.

All you need is your offline visitors email address so you can follow up with them with a series of emails giving them reasons to buy from you.

This is not as hard to do as you might think. I will explain how you can achieve this in the next post.

Make small effective changes and improve your business today!

See you in the next post,

Kham Lee Tran

Ps. In the next post I’ll show you “How to build a list of targeted prospects WITHOUT a WEBSITE and WITHOUT PAYING A CENT?”