Why Email Marketing

Is Essential For Any Business?

Did you know that the total estimated number of e-mail users including those from Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail accounts for more than one billion Internet users? And more importantly, this number is continuously growing every day.

This post gives you an overview of what email marketing is, why businesses should use it and how they can apply it to their business.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing, as the name suggest is the use of email in marketing communications and therefore, every email sent to potential and existing clients may be considered as a form of email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Quick to set up and deliver message (almost instantly). No need for recipients to wait a day to receive your message.
  • Minimal production time. No printing, postage, handling or courier required.
  • Highly cost effective. No printing or postage costs. Sending emails is free although some email management services charge a small monthly fee depending on the size of your database or per email sent out. Still, this is far less expensive than sending it via snail mail.
  • Time saver. Emails can be scheduled and sent out to the entire database with a single click of the mouse.

Tailoring Email Marketing For Your Business

Now that you know your message can be delivered quickest and most cost effective way, question is “what message do you want to communicate?”.

Businesses use email marketing for many different reasons or purposes. Some businesses want to :-

  • Build brand & trust: remind their customers and prospects that they are still there.
  • Generate sales: offers, promotions, specials, cross-sell, up-sell etc.
  • Provide updates: inform prospects & clients of new or changes to products & services.
  • Educate: provide tips or information about products, services, industry news etc.

Successful businesses typically utilise a combination of these in their email marketing campaign.

So what is the primary purpose of your email communication? Your answer will have an impact on your choice of layout and overall look of your email design template. This will be covered in more detail in later posts.

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