Where’s My Server?

Is Your Website Really Hosted In Australia?

Is Your Website REALLY Hosted Within Australia? Find Out Here!

 There are a number of very affordable website hosting companies that you can find on the internet today. Some of them may even say that they offer Australian web hosting, making the offer seem like a great deal! What many customers don’t realize, however, is that the server which contains their website is actually somewhere off-shore – even when the company itself is based in Australia.

You can check to see where your website server is right now through this link.

Is Your Website Server Somewhere Besides Australia?

If your website server is somewhere other than Australia, then you have a distinct problem that must be dealt with right away: your site is going to rank higher in local searches for that foreign country than it will for your local community. For some value hosting companies, your website might even be transferred from server to server, which means the home location of your site will keep shifting and you’ll never be able to build up a good local reputation!

There’s a secondary problem with off-shore hosting as well. If your website visitors live a long distance away from where your website’s server actually is, it will affect the loading times they experience. Slow websites provide a high level of irritation to internet users and it doesn’t take long for a prospect to bounce from your site to a competitor’s site.

Customer service can also be a struggle with value website hosting packages. Even with an Australian-based provider, a foreign-based server puts everyone at the mercy of the local staff who are maintaining the actual equipment. That is a disadvantage that isn’t worth any discounted hosting package!

Is there anything that can be done to make sure your Australian web hosting company is using a server based in Australia?

What Is the Alternative?

Website hosting in Australia should not be a complicated issue. If you have a local problem with your site, then it should be handled locally by knowledgeable people who can quickly help! Although it may seem like it doesn’t matter where the actual server of your site is located, ignoring this issue can create a problem that could affect your revenues or the amount of visitors to your website.

There is good news: it doesn’t take long to fix this problem. Once fixed, it won’t ever be a problem again!

Any website can be migrated to an Australian server very quickly. We can help you bring your website to an Australian hosted company and we can setup hosting for a new website as well. The benefits don’t stop there either because we also offer competitive website design services too. If there’s a problem with the user experience of your site, we’ll be able to find it and fix it so that your web presence leaves a winning first impression!

Don’t just settle for the cheapest price possible. Make sure your Australian web hosting is providing you with a local server so that you can maximize your website investment!