When Does Facebook Advertising Makes Sense?

Facebook Advertising should not be used to increase the number of fans you have. Facebook marketing has changed. It used to be fairly easy to put up a post on your Facebook page and have many of your fans seeing our posts. Today, business page post are reaching less than 7% of their fans each time they posts. Fans that don’t engage with your post after a few times of it showing it in their feeds will less likely see future posts. So don’t waste your money doing Facebook advertising to boost the number of likes or post engagement.

Facebook Advertising should only be used to achieve your marketing goals and objectives. Facebook advertising is great for getting bums on seats if you are running an event, be it online webinar or a live seminar or workshop. Also for lead generation, where you send targeted traffic to your landing page which has a clear call to action / lead magnet.

You can laser target your messaging based on location, demographics and interest. You can also do remarketing to those who have visited your website or create a lookalike audience. Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide on How To Get Started With Facebook Ad by Search Engine Watch: http://bit.ly/FacebookAdsStepByStep