What Does Search Engine Optimisation Mean?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of enhancing and improving your website visibility in the natural (organic) search engine listings. This in turn helps you reach more people, and deliver qualified sales leads and traffic to your website FREE.

Improving natural results on search engines is done through a process that encompasses both on and off site strategies as well as social engagement.

You can start by creating quality blog posts and ensuring you complete the meta data so search spiders like Google read and understand you’re your page is about. It’s important to add meta descriptions to your images too.

Each page on your website should have a specific theme or topic and keyword.

Offsite optimisation strategies includes building high quality backlinks typically from authority sites. This can be from directories, social media platforms and 3rd party websites that are linking back to your site.

SEO can be time consuming and unless you have a dedicate staff to do SEO, it’s in most cases best to outsource to SEO agency.