Traits of Great

SEO Copywriting

You hear it from every corner of the internet right now: content marketing is the key to your success. You’ve got to maximize your content’s SEO so that you can rank higher. You need to start building relationships with your visitors so that they can enter into your sales funnel. These catchphrases get your attention… but then they abandon you because there is no real help provided, is there? Instead of helping you write your own great content, you get a sales pitch for a copywriter instead!

Here’s how you can get your own great content written right now:


Ask Questions

1) Questions are a great way to begin relating to people immediately. Are you tired of [fill in the blank]? When the questions are personal and tailored to the people who tend to visit your website or business, you’ll open up a mental dialogue that will let you prove that you’ve got something of value.
Solve a Problem

2) You cannot provide anything of value unless you solve a problem for someone. Anything you write must solve a problem because otherwise your reader will feel like you’ve wasted your time. Don’t give everything you’ve got away for free, but do give each visitor a taste of what you can provide so they can test out what you’ve got on their own.


Be Authentic

3) Visitors will smell a scam a mile away. You want real prospects in your sales funnel anyway. Why? Because that’s where repeat business originates! Be yourself, sell your strengths, and this authenticity will naturally attract more people over time.


It’s All About Emotions

4) Making an emotional connection is your key to success. People connect over stories more than they connect over facts. If you lead with your personal story, combine some essential facts about your industry, and then bring your story to a positive conclusion, you’re creating content that is just as good as an independent online review for selling your products.


Surprise Someone

5) Many businesses attempt to surprise people by offering them something for free. You can take advantage of this too without spending anything but your sweat equity. Instead of product samples, try a free webinar or video that further demonstrates proof of your value.


Don’t Wait Until the End

6) Almost every website offers a call to action at the end of the content. How often will you read an article from start to finish if they find it boring, irrelevant, or worthless? I know I never do! Having several calls to spur action throughout your content, including in the first paragraph or two, is a simple and effective way to boost conversion rates.


Eliminate the Jargon

7) You must use language your target demographic will understand. Industry jargon and slang will stop movement through a sales funnel fast.


Are you looking to revamp your content to increase your conversions? Then try to incorporate these 7 tips into your next piece of content marketing and you’ll create a more relational approach that can boost your conversions quickly.