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Did You Know KEYWORDS Can Cost You OR Make You Thousands?

It is hard to believe that words could make all the difference between a successful and a failed marketing campaign, but when it comes to the online world, this fact is so true.

The internet is driven so much on “KEYWORDS”. Think about it, keywords are what links the internet user (who enters the keyword/keyphrases in their search engine) and the information on a webpage the vendor/site owner wants the user to see.

Too many businesses are using the WRONG keywords to drive traffic to their website.

This can result in;

  • little or no traffic to their website (site not being found)
  • large number of traffic with poor conversion rate
  • untargeted traffic resulting in high website abandonment
  • expensive PPC advertising costs with little ROI
  • competing with millions of site for the same keyword – resulting in no exposure

Now just by using a different keyword/keyphrase that is highly targeted and marketing it in exactly the same way can result in the following:

  • lower PPC advertising costs for that keyword/keyphrases
  • Reduced number of PPC clicks to your website but very targetted, therefore increased conversion rate
  • Better change to rank well, even on page 1 or 2 of Google and/or other search engines
  • Get highly targeted traffic from people looking for your products/services


Let me demonstrate with an example. You have a retail (brick & mortar) store in Sydney that sells baby nursery items and you have a website to promote your store.

A poor choice of keywords/keyphrase includes; baby, baby store, baby gifts.

Reason: The keyword is too broad which may send alot of unwanted traffic (people looking for baby prams which you don’t sell), you are competing with millions other websites, people searching these terms are in the research phase not buying.

A good choice of keywords/keyphrase include; baby cot mattress sale in sydney, baby cots specials, boori baby cot, boori cot sale.

Reason: When people are ready to buy, they would have already done their research (using broad keywords) and know exactly what they want. They will now search using keywords that are more specific, eg with location, item, brand, etc.

OK, so how do you come up with the RIGHT keywords?

The answer lies in using keyword research tools to determine keywords / key phrases that perform well.

There are many good keyword research tools available, some are free and some are paid.