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On-page SEO and Off-page SEO: What Do They Really Mean?

Search engine optimization is a mandatory requirement of any website today. It’s an effective way to get noticed when it is completely properly, but often maximum results cannot be achieved because certain key aspects of modern SEO are missed. You see, there is more to SEO today than just on-page modifications! There are off-page SEO tasks that must be completed as well in order for a website to achieve a top ranking and then stay there.

Maybe you’re thinking about doing your own SEO… if you are, here are some on-page and off-page tasks you’ll want to consider from our SEO company in Sydney to get the results you need.

How Many of These On-page SEO Techniques Are You Using?

The content of a website is by far the most important component of on-page SEO. The content is what impresses prospects, drives sales, and shows that your website has value. It is the #1 need of many small businesses because content must be as close to 100% perfect as possible to be effective! Errors show a lack of expertise and if that’s the perception that search engines have of your site, then you’ll never dominate your niche.

There are some often overlooked on-page SEO techniques for you to use, however, that can boost the influence of your content.

  • Image file names that relate to search terms can help to boost results.
  • Meta tags should be consistent with all of your targeted keywords, including long tail searches.
  • Your URL should be reflective of your primary keyword.
  • Subheadings and subpages should also incorporate keywords and content in a natural way.

With the right combination of content and value across all of these sectors, you can have your website optimized for SEO on every page. This is where many businesses stop, however, and it is only 50% of the job that needs to be done! That’s why an SEO agency can help your business quickly dominate your chosen on-page content in search results.

You Can’t Ignore the Benefits of Off-page SEO!

There are a number of tasks that can influence your SEO that aren’t on the pages of your website. The most important component is building your social media presence. You don’t need your content to go viral in order to have a social impact! All you need is a strong presence that will get your content viewed and shared consistently. This popularity will give your site a strong boost in the rankings!

There are a number of additional off-page SEO techniques that are often ignored. Have you worked on any of these yet?

  • Directory listings are a free way to help naturally increase the amount of links and networking that your website can receive.
  • Links from external websites will help to further establish your reputation as a niche expert.
  • Creating guest content that is published off of your site, but links to your site, will show expertise and create networking – two definite positives!

The reason why many small businesses don’t incorporate all of these SEO techniques is because of time constraints. It can be quite overwhelming to keep refreshing and updating a website when there are so many other responsibilities! Let our SEO agency handle the optimization for your website and you’ll quickly see a difference in your online presence for a surprisingly affordable price. Our SEO services include on-page and off-page enhancements based on what you need.

If you’re ready to dominate your niche and become an expert in your field online, then you’re ready to enhance the search engine optimization of your website.