How To Optimise Images

To Improve Website Performance?

A picture is said to say a thousand words and it is true that a photograph is able to engage visitors and provide a higher level of visual stimulation when compared to straight text content. If you don’t upload those images correctly, however, it can actually impact your website’s ranking in a negative way!

There are three common mistakes that many domain owners make when including photographs on their website. Fix these mistakes and you’ll quickly improve website performance!

  1. The original name of the file is kept on the upload, whether from the stock image website or the file name that was assigned to the image from their digital camera.
  2. There is no change to the size of the file, so a high resolution photograph is uploaded onto the website.
  3. There are no meta tags included on the image to help describe the image and how it relates to the content.

If you want to optimise your images to achieve the best search ranking possible, then you must fix these three common errors. Although a top search ranking can be achieved in theory without these fixes, it becomes a much more difficult task to maintain that top listing.

Here’s How You Can Quickly Optimise Any Photograph!

The first thing you’ll want to do with the images on your website is to resize the image so that it can increase the speed in which the page will load. Instead of uploading a high resolution graphic and then compress it into the width and height you need, resize the image before uploading it instead.

Once you’ve resized the image, you can save it with an SEO friendly name. Use keywords or descriptions that reflect what the image is that work with the goals of your website. This will help your photograph become indexed and drive up the rankings of your images. Ultimately this means more additional traffic for your site!

When the image has been uploaded, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to add your meta tags. These aren’t usually seen by your website visitors, but crawlers and robots will read this data and associate the content and descriptions you’ve included with the photograph into the information that has been indexed for your website.

The final step is to include links if necessary for the image. You may wish to link to an internal or external page depending on what your content needs are. If you do go to an external site, make sure that the link opens in a new window so you’re not driving up your bounce rates and driving your traffic away!

Are You Ready To Improve Your Website’s Performance Today?

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By taking the steps above to improve website performance, you can quickly decrease the loading times your website requires by optimising how your images are displayed and indexed. It may take some work to modify images that have already been uploaded so that they are SEO friendly, but the efforts will be worth it. Why?

Because the reward with be an increase in your search engine ranking!