How to build a list

of targeted prospects WITHOUT a WEBSITE?

Note: Store, Retail Shop, are used interchangeably in this post and represent your brick & mortar business.

OK so you know you want to capture your offline visitor’s email and put them on your email list (database) so you can follow up with them with other offers rather than just watching them walk out of your store forever.

But how do you go about getting your prospects to give you their email especially when people are so cautious today from all the spam emails?

The answer is simple: Give them an incentive for giving you their email address!

Let’s look at some creative incentives that might work for your business, in exchange for their email address you might consider giving them;-

Chance to win a prize

People love to enter draws for a chance to win prizes. The prize can be your product, trip, other products, hampers, anything you want to give away.

Free report

Valuable information can be very effective.

Free product

If your product is small and relatively low cost to you then you might consider giving away a product to each store visitor that gives you their email address.

For example, free drink, free desert, free sample.

This is a fantastic marketing strategy for companies that are already giving free samples away, just make it a condition they have to give their email to receive the free sample/product)

Free merchandise/gift

If your products are large, heavy or high dollar value then you wouldn’t want to be giving away your product to every person that walks into your store. Instead you can consider giving a merchandise (with your company logo on it to help promote your business at the same time) or a gift like a movie ticket. Some great merchandise includes; usb/memory stick, travel mug, keyrings, cap.


Free trial or free 1 month access are excellent for things like memberships. Eg. membership sites, gym membership.

Free consultation may be good where you would normally charge a fee for your consulting.

Once you have decided on the incentive, you should promote it where ever possible in your store utilising banners and posters or handing out the flyers or the actual form to people who walk into your store.

To collect people’s email addresses, simply create a form they must complete (you can capture other useful details and marketing information such as their shopping preferences as well) in exchange for the incentive.

To ensure people give you their real email address, tell them you have another gift (mention the gift) or a surprise gift that will be sent to their email.

An alternative to the form is to allow people to give you their business card in exchange for the gift.

See you in the next post.

Kham Lee Tran