Components Of A
Great Website Design

Your website is your online asset and plays an important role in your digital marketing strategy. It should be designed with purpose. A website can help your business establish authority, reputation, generate leads, enquiries and sales.

A bad design can have a negative impact on your brand. A great website should comprise of the following:

Mobile responsive. With a large percentage of users now searching the internet using their mobile devices, it is essential your website content is responsive, the content and layout adapts to the mobile device making it easy for the user to read and absorb your content.

Quick load time. People want instant gratification and if your website takes longer that a few seconds to load, chances are, they’ve already left. Make sure images you upload are compressed and optimised and the website is loading quickly.

User-friendly! Ensure your website is easy to navigate and users are able to find what they are looking for with the least number of clicks.

Have a lead magnet and build your marketing database. Include a way for your visitors to opt into your marketing database so you can continue to market to them long after they have left your website. You can achieve this in many ways including a Sign Up” page, a pop-up, embed / link in your blog posts.

Create great content that provides value to the visitor and should be informative, helpful, provides solutions and helps guide the visitors into taking the next steps.

Call to action! Ensure you include relevant call to actions. Make it easy for your visitors to get in touch with you. Have your phone number displayed so it’s easy to spot. Ask them to call or complete enquiry form.

Ensure you use relevant keywords in particularly long tail keywords to help drive more targeted organic traffic to your website. Using the right sets of keywords will help with your SEO ranking.