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Kham Lee Tran “The Marketing Angel”

As a Marketing Professional who is passionate about all things digital and the desire to help small businesses with their marketing efforts, Kham Lee Tran became “The Marketing Angel”. Kham understands the frustrations and challenges many small businesses experience when it comes to growing their online presence. To help small businesses overcome these challenges, Kham started up a digital marketing agency in Sydney to offer small businesses marketing consulting and digital marketing services. Small business owners can get support, marketing assistance or hire Kham as their outsourced marketing manager. Kham’s mission is to give every small business the same marketing opportunities that any other large organisations with a marketing department has by being their Outsourced Marketing Manager / Consultant at a fraction of the cost.

Being previously employed by companies such as Kennards Hire, Hitachi and Sykes Pumps to design, implement and manage the organisations marketing efforts, Kham has gained extensive knowledge, skills and experience in a range of digital marketing strategies.

Refer to Kham’s LinkedIn profile at https://au.linkedin.com/in/khamleetran for full employment history.

Kham’s Expertise, Knowledge And Skills Includes:

Marketing Strategy, Marketing Consulting, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Promotions & Contest, Website Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Adwords PPC, Facebook Advertising and more.

When you get in touch with or hire The Marketing Angel, you’ll be dealing with no-one other than Kham herself. Get in touch now and see how The Marketing Angel can help your business grow online!

About Us

Grow Online, Engage Better With Their Customers, Get More Traffic, Leads & Sales.

WORKING WITH THE MARKETING ANGEL Marketing Professional - The Marketing Angel

Founded by Kham Lee Tran – The Marketing Angel is a small digital marketing agency in Parramatta, servicing small businesses Australia-wide.

Small Business owners can hire The Marketing Angel as their Outsourced Marketing Manager, Marketing Strategist & Consultant or for various Done For You Digital Marketing Services.
The Marketing Angel collaborates with a team of individual specialists; to deliver optimal result for small business clients.

This allows The Marketing Angel to offer a complete “Done For You” Digital Marketing Service solutions and providing small business owners access to a collective group of specialists without the hassle of having to project manage and deal with each specialist to achieve its marketing goals.

Our team of specialists includes:

Marketing Strategist

Marketing Mentors

Professional Copywriters

Graphic Designers

Email Marketing Specialist

Social Media Managers

Web Developers

SEO Experts

SEM / PPC Google Adwords

Video Marketing

Local printer

Grow Online, Engage Better With Their Customers, Get More Traffic, Leads & Sales.

How is The Marketing Angel Unique To Other Digital Marketing Agency In Sydney? We are not your Typical Digital Marketing Agency

  1. We’re not just a 9-5 Monday –Friday kind of business. You can contact us in the evenings and even on the weekends.
  2. We do more than hand you a marketing strategy, we show you and walk you through how to implement the strategies. We can also conduct workshop or training for your staff to help them master marketing techniques that will benefit your business.
  3. You won’t need to deal with multiple staff, department or agencies and having to repeat the same information to each about your business. Kham – The Marketing Angel will be your one point of contact who’ll ensure all specialists are given the necessary brief about your business.
  4. We can work with your specialist or ours. Already have specialist handling one or more of your marketing function (eg a copywriter, or web developer) but need someone to integrate with the rest of your marketing or just to project manage the work? The Marketing Angel can liaise with your specialist or ours to ensure your marketing goals are achieved.
  5. You own the intellectual property IP. Content we create for you belongs to you. Any accounts we set up for your business, we ensure you are given administration access. When we set up a Google Adwords account, you’ll be given full access so you can make changes whenever you want. Many digital agencies that offer SEM services will not give you access to your Adwords and will not hand over the management of the account to you.
  6. You get unbiased marketing advice. As we are not limited in providing a specialised marketing service, you can be assured The Marketing Angel will take into consideration all marketing strategies before advising on which marketing activities is best for your business.
  7. We have some very unique digital marketing packages tailored specifically for small business owners who want to outsource their marketing.

Clients love working with Kham – The Marketing Angel for her enriched knowledge and expertise and most importantly they know they can always count on Kham to pick up the phone, reply to emails and be there when needed, be it late in the evenings or on the weekends.

Hiring Kham – The Marketing Angel is like hiring your very own Marketing Manager but only at a fraction of the cost.

You can hire Kham – The Marketing Angel as your “Outsourced Marketing Manager”.

Whether you need a “Marketing Manager” to take care of all your marketing, some advice or marketing strategy from a “Marketing Strategist & Consultant” or have “Marketing Services Done For You”, The Marketing Angel can help!

Get in touch now and see how The Marketing Angel can help grow your business online!

Grow Online, Engage Better With Their Customers, Get More Traffic, Leads & Sales.