8 Ways To Increase

Your Email Open Rates

Email marketing is one of the best strategies for maximizing the growth of your business. It delivers targeted messages to an already engaged audience, keeping them updated on the latest developments and promos, as well as drives revenue. Return on investment is also quite high with email marketing — imagine spending 1$ and getting a 44.5$ return. In order to achieve these benefits however, the people receiving your emails first need to open them. Here are eight helpful tips that will increase your email open rate:

1. Have a captivating headline

You need to create a good first impression. A captivating heading is the first step to getting your emails opened. Spend as much time writing the subject line as you spend writing the body of the mail.  Your subscribers needs to get warmed up as you do in real life setting.

Imagine you are a salesperson trying to sell a new hair product. You don’t walk right up to a potential customer and say ‘buy my new hair product‘. No! Your hair product can be good but the approach is bad. But if you were to walk up to the same person and start off with a friendly conversational tone, like ‘you have a really nice hairline, what hair product do you use?’. The person will smile and take the compliment and then proceed to tell you the product he or she uses. That way you gain their trust. you can then begin to drift and talk about what you offer.

The same thing happens when you are sending out emails. You don’t want to come across as another company or brand looking to make sales. You want to come across as a concerned individual interested in offering real value. An appealing heading will increase your email open rates faster than a lightning bolt.

2. Be personal

Being personal, such as using the subscriber’s first name and using a not-too-formal tone  is very essential to increasing your email open rates. This makes the subscriber feel like you know them. They feel you want to offer them real value. I have had a personal experience with this tip and I assure you it worked like magic.

Some time ago, a client subscribed to a particular service online. He started to receive emails from them asking him to patronize them. What caught his interest was how personal the mail was. They addressed him by his first name and the mails seemed as though it was written specifically for him. That made him feel the brand wanted to help. Every time he got their message, he had to read and find out what was new. He even patronized them at some point.

3. Send emails at the right time.

Statistics have shown that most emails get opened during the early hours of the morning. Usually, between 8 am and 11 am. Another survey reveals most people read their emails more during the weekends. Depending on what you are marketing, you need to know your client’s schedule.

For instance, if you are sending emails to students, you want to send at the early hours of the morning. And if you are marketing to stay at home moms, you may want to send at midday, since they may be busy during the morning period with chores. Sending emails at the wrong time might result in getting it missed by your subscribers. In addition to optimal timing, open rates are also more successful within the first hour of delivery, after which it decreases substantially.

4. Segment your emails

Surveys prove that emails that are segmented are likely to get opened more. This is because they address the clients needs. You don’t want to send the right email to the wrong person. That will seem unprofessional and unproductive.

For instance, you are a fitness online brand. You have clients who want to lose weight and another set who wants to build muscle. You don’t want to be sending messages about building muscles to someone trying to lose weight. That would come across as though you don’t know their needs. segmenting your emails will ensure the right messages get to the right people.

5. Optimize your emails for mobile

Surveys have revealed that 64% of people read their emails on their mobile device. This is a huge number to miss. Your emails should be mobile friendly considering the number of people you can access. The following tips will guide you on how to optimize your emails for mobile users;

  • Be easy on images

When it comes to mobile-optimized email, clean and simple is the way to go. Images are difficult to load on mobile devices. Android phone, for instance, do not reveal images. So don’t over-designed with images. Keep is simple.

  • Break up the text

Mobile readers are on the go. Avoid long paragraphs. get straight to the point. Let the relevant information come first.

  • Use a responsive template

Responsive templates are designed to fit the screen on which they are being viewed. If you use designed templates from your email service provider, make sure it’s responsive. With a responsive template, you don’t worry about your email rendering incorrectly.

  • Use links

Make use of links in your emails that direct readers to a mobile-friendly webpage.

6. Keep your email list fresh

Always keep your list fresh. There’s no use sending emails to people who don’t care to read anyway. Usually, when you send all this email say to 20,000 people, with no significant open rates. Email service providers will assume your emails are spams and they end up in the spam box.

Always look out for inactive subscribers. If after maybe like 6 months they are still inactive, you could send them a ditch mail. This is to find out if they are still interested in your service. If after you send the ditch mail and no response, you can then exclude them from your list and focus on the real subscribers.

7. Create suspense

Having great content is excellent. Keeping your subscribers in a loop wins the day. Tease the next email in the current email. Let your subscribers anticipate the next email. Just like the movies, creating suspense makes your subscribers curious. Let your subscribers be on a cliffhanger. Let them be expectant.

8. Test your subject line

Now, this is the final and very useful tip. To guarantee more email open rates, you need to test the subject line. You start off by mailing a few subscribers. If the response is good, you can proceed and send to everyone on your list. Apps like mailchimp and Klaviyo will help you do that.

Another way is to ensure more open rates are to filter the ones who have opened from the ones who haven’t. You can then resend the same message but with a different headline. This strategy has indeed helped brands increase their email open rates.

The goal of any email marketing campaign is to maintain ongoing communications with established customers and convert prospective customers to paying ones. If no one is reading your promotional emails then the goal is futile. Get in touch with us today to help with your email marketing. We understand that handling this yourself can be somewhat time consuming, so let our team of specialists help deliver your desired results.