10 Website Design Essentials

to Increase Your Conversion and Ranking

Your website should be the most reliable salesperson of your business so conversion and ranking are among the key indexes of success. Anyone can build a website but if it is not ranking on search engine results pages and converting visitors into paying customers, then the website will not have any useful return on investment.

That’s why for higher conversion rates, your website should be aesthetically appealing, informative and optimized for search engine. The idea is to make sure your website is converting all the traffic at the highest possible rate. That said, here are 10 website design essentials to increase conversion rate and ranking:

1. 15 Seconds of Conversion

Surveys have shown that if a visitor clicks on a website, they spend only around 15 seconds before exiting the site if they don’t find what they seek. That’s why the key is to make clear who you are, what you offer, and why they should buy from you. In addition to straightforward and easy to find information, the aesthetics of a website also has a huge influence on conversion and ranking as people tend to attribute the credibility of a website to its design. This means the quality of a website has a better chance of converting visitors to customers.

2. Mobile Responsiveness

Surfing the web with mobile devices has long become the norm with mobile devices handling more than half of global internet usage. That’s a huge percentage of potential customers so any successful website must be responsive to mobile devices. A mobile responsive website automatically arranges the content and menu bar so it fits well into a smaller screen. This will enhance users experience and improves conversion rates.

3. Must be Secure with SSL certificates

SSL certificate is one of the determining factors for increasing conversion rate and ranking. SSL certificates are a bridge between browser and server that establishes a secure connection and encrypts users information. Websites with SSL certificates are secure and visitors know their information is safe.

In 2004, Google announced HTTPS as a ranking factor. SSL certificates do not only secure users information, Google also adopted this measure to checkmate cybercrime. This confirms a website or business is genuine, verified and trusted. SSL certificate displays HTTPS + Organizations name in URL. This means the business is legitimate. The user can share financial information without fear of his or her personal or financial information being breached.

4. Easy Navigation

Hick’s law is a popular theory named after British psychologist William Edmund Hick. The law states that the time it takes for an individual to make a decision is directly proportional to the possible choices he or she has. This means by increasing the number of choices, the decision time is also increased. To boost conversion rates in a website, limit the number of choices users have so they can simply find what they’re looking for and make a decision.

The first thing that comes to mind when reducing the number of choices on a website is the navigation bar. You should limit the number of choices on your website otherwise users will lose interest altogether. Focus on where you want your users to go. Have smooth easy navigation and clearly thought out conversion funnel. When visitors come on your site, they need to know where to go. If the transition isn’t smooth, you will lose out on conversion rates.

5. Clear Call to Action

You need a clear call to action (CTA button or link) clearly visible on your web pages. You might want to place a CTA in your header, the sidebar or footer so users will be able to act when they choose to. CTA allows users to get engaged with your website and is a signal that they liked what they read or saw on your website.

6. Use Live Chat

Yes, you have an amazing website design, great content and all, but if you seek to improve conversion rates, you may want to consider utilizing live chat functionalities. It is a good way to increase conversion rates and add a human touch to your website. Live chat gives the visitor a chance to engage with your business directly and get a response to any questions right away. This way, the chances of converting that visitor rises significantly since you can use that opportunity to discuss your products or services in greater detail and even offer upsells for more sales.

7. Tap to Call on Mobile

A click-to-call button makes it easier for mobile users to reach your office directly from the website. If a visitor must become a lead, your website should make the conversion happen faster and this button is one of the best ways to expedite the process since it is a lot faster than having to save the number and entering it one by one on their dial pad.

8. Share to Social Media

Social media has more active users on mobile devices and has become one of the most used networks with billions of users scattered around the world. That’s why it is important to tap into the power of social media to for SEO campaign to boost conversion rates. Your website should be able to allow users to share through social media. This information reaches more people, widening the reach and awareness of your brand, as well as increasing the conversion rate.

9. Have Lead Magnets/ Opt-in to the Mailing List

A lead magnet is an efficient way to get more email subscribers and optimize conversion rates. Emails are quite personal and visitors to your site will not part with their emails without an attractive incentive. Consider these scenarios – you read a blog post on “ 7 diets to build body mass” and at the end of the post is a request for visitors to subscribe for more updates. Or, you read the same blog and at the end is a request to subscribe to get a free workout program. Which offer would you most likely sign up for? That is how lead magnets work to boost conversion rates of your website.

10. Personalized User Experience

Personalizing users experience allows the website to deliver content that matches specific users needs and interest. Keeping track of every users browsing habits can result in a dramatic increase in conversion. Amazon is an example of a website that applies this strategy. If a visitor searches for a particular item and then leaves without purchasing, he or she can return to the site and it displays items relating to what the users previously searched for. This helps the user make easier choices.One way to achieve this is through Facebook’s Pixel, a tracking code used to track visitor behaviour on your website.

The Bottom Line

Conversion rate optimization and website ranking is not just about designs. There are several factors to consider when trying to increase conversion rates and ranking. Ready to get started, contact The Marketing Angel today for a consultation. We are industry experts in designing websites that convert and rank well on search engine search results.